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You can take the drugs and alcohol away from the individual, but you cannot take away the drama. No matter how long someone is sober or how much they work through their issues, life will always provide some ups and downs. Life inevitably includes trials and tribulations that can really influence the outcome of each day. Grief, rejection, hurt feelings, and comparison are a few ways that a good day can be derailed quickly and possibly affect recovery. Life on life’s term is real, and here is what you can do to combat these dire situations to keep your recovery on track.


Face it head-on

Now, this may not be your usual manner of dealing with adverse circumstances, but this is how you should handle them in recovery. You have exhibited some real strength by getting sober and working on your mental health issues. Pursuing these esteemable actions should let you know that you can get through anything by using your recovery tools to cope. There is no need to turn the other direction now. Keep going, and when you get to the other side of this next incident, you can see how far you have come. 


Face it with acceptance 

Everybody has to deal with unfortunate conditions from time to time, so do not think that you are all by yourself. Realizing that things are going to happen no matter how you try to manipulate the outcome is critical. Acceptance is the answer to all your problems because, without it, you cannot understand that things are not always happening to you. In essence, mostly, they are happening for you. 


Face it with support

You do not have to go through anything alone in recovery. There are tons of people who go to meetings and therapy who can relate to what you are experiencing. Try reaching out to others in recovery and then let them grab on or vice versa. The support you can gain in recovery is phenomenal. You will get to hear how others have also lived life on life’s terms, and gain the hope that you can too. 


Having to deal with everything life throws your way is not always easy, although you need to know it can be manageable. You deserve the life you have today, so do not fight it. When life gets “lifey,” you should still live life to the fullest. 


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