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Trauma can leave us feeling like we are disconnected from the world around us. We may feel like we are numb to everything around us. Sensory activities can help to ground us back in reality when we are feeling disengaged from the moment. Our senses are powerful and we can use them as a means of regaining control of ourselves. These simple activities involving the five senses can help us become present.

The Five Senses

  1. Sight: Look for something pleasant within your current space. Notice all the details of the scene or the object. Look for specific colors in your environment.
  2. Hearing: Listen and try to identify at least two different sounds in your space. Listen with intention and focus on the task.
  3. Smell: Identify two or more different smells nearby. Try to figure out the source of the scents.
  4. Touch: Grab a stress ball or other object nearby and focus on how the object feels to gain a sense of reality.
  5. Taste: Mindfully eat a small piece of food or chew on a piece of gum. Focus your attention on the sensations you feel and taste.

These simple grounding techniques can help you when you feel disconnected from the world. The best part is that you can use these techniques no matter where you are! Trauma can leave us feeling out-of-touch at times and our five senses can help us return to reality. Focus on something outside of yourself and pick one of the five senses to help ground yourself!


Some of us reacted to traumatic events or experiences by disconnecting or shutting ourselves off from reality. While disconnecting may have helped us to avoid feeling pain, we may have inadvertently learned to shut down while experiencing any form of stress in life. We may feel ourselves losing touch with reality at times where we want to stay grounded and present. By using the power of the five senses, we can ground ourselves and learn to re-engage in the moment. These techniques are available to you no matter where you are. The Guest House teaches those who suffer from the lingering effects of trauma to get back in touch with their lives. We understand that trauma can affect a person’s ability to cope with any of life’s stressors. By learning skills that can ground you, you can learn to deal with the struggles of daily life. Call The Guest House today at (855) 483-7800 to learn new skills to deal with trauma!