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How Can We Find Peace Around Our Addictions?

Our Recovery: Improving Our Mental and Emotional Health

For those of us living with addiction, our life experiences can be a source of shame and self-hatred. Our identities as addicts make us feel down on ourselves, insecure and self-condemning. Part of our recovery is working to improve our mental and emotional health, and a huge component of our well-being is our self-esteem. We might believe we won’t be able to come to terms with our addictions because they’ve been such a painful part of our lives for so long. We might believe that there’s no hope for us to find happiness, or be healthy, or feel at peace with ourselves. How can we find some peace around these challenges in our lives?

We Can’t Heal When We’re Under Constant Stress

When we haven’t made peace with our addictions, they can be a constant source of stress and inner turmoil for us. The more resistance we have to them, the more we fear them; the less we can accept them, the more destructive they tend to be for us. We give something more power over us when we can’t come to terms with it, and the same is true for our addictions. That’s why you’ll often hear that the first step in recovering from addiction is admitting you have a problem. 

Our Denial Blocks Our Recovery

Our denial blocks us from being able to move forward, and for those of us struggling with addiction, as we know, our denial can block us from being able to get the help we need to heal ourselves. Our denial comes from fear, and the more fear we have, the less peace we have, and the more it overpowers us. Even if you’re struggling and afraid, can you admit that you’re in pain and need help? Can you talk to someone about what you’re going through? Can you open your heart to let someone in and help you to get better?

Believe You Deserve Happiness and Peace

Start believing that you deserve to be at peace. Many of the things we do that block our emotional wellness are because we believe subconsciously that we don’t deserve to be happy. Many of us believe that our addictions make us unworthy, inadequate and undeserving. We can’t find peace around our addictions, or anything else in our lives until we believe in our worth. Believe you deserve to be happy, to get better, and to find peace.

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