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How Does Betrayal Trauma Play a Role in Addiction?  

Relationships are built on a lot of important foundational principles such as trust, love, and mutual respect for one another. Betrayal in a relationship can lead to feelings of confusion about what is going to happen. Sexual infidelity of any kind can break up a marriage and lead people down a difficult road. This may create intense emotional responses that lead to long-lasting trauma. Betrayal trauma has no easy fix or healing method. The symptoms and characteristics of this type of trauma depend on the individual and how they respond. Learn more about how this works and how to seek help. 

Trauma from Infidelity

Trauma is an emotional wound that presents as psychological pain and hurt. Without healing, trauma may continue at high levels, causing lasting damage to the person’s mind, body, and spirit. Trauma happens for all kinds of reasons but it is not normally talked about in terms of relational trauma or betrayal. When a loved one betrays that person, it may feel as though the whole life of that person has been a lie. Many people retrace history to learn more about it, especially when details come in small pieces.

Role in Addictive Behaviors

People who experience trauma may not be able to handle the emotions and difficulty of the challenge it brings to their lives. The betrayal is so strong, they are not able to cope and turn towards substances. Mental health issues like depression and anxiety are usually high and bring their own challenges to the table. Addiction is complex but is often rooted in some form of trauma. There is no cure for this type of trauma but people can find coping tools to better deal with it and heal. 

Understanding Trauma to Heal

When people understand the root causes of trauma, they can recognize in their own lives where they experienced it so they can heal. Treating betrayal trauma takes both individuals involved in the experience. They should both turn towards each other to learn to heal together. Therapy is usually needed and maybe addiction or mental health treatment, as well. Yoga and meditation are complementary therapies that may help people learn to deal in a holistic way with addiction that is healing and healthy. 

The Guest House Ocala knows people go through a lot of pain and trauma before we get to meet them. Our hope is the professional staff will be able to support you or your loved one through past trauma and mental health issues to focus on healing. You are not alone. Call us to find out how to get started: 1-855-483-7800