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How Long Will It Take to Recover?

When we are beginning our recovery, it can feel like there is a long road ahead of us. Instinctively, we want immediate relief. Whether we have been struggling with our addiction for a short or long period of time, we reach a point of desperation and we want to feel better right away.

Twelve-step programs are designed to ensure that we overcome our addictions, but there is work to be done. Although it can seem daunting, when we work through the steps with a sponsor, and take the suggestions we are given, we do recover.

If we put in the dedication and faith that is asked of us, our lives will change for the better and very quickly. We will find a new freedom, and endless possible paths to take.

Our goals will become tangible, our relationships with others will be more meaningful, and overall we will find happiness in everyday life. Once we finish the 12 steps, we may believe that we are cured. However, recovery is a process and a lifestyle. Our work is never complete. 


Maintaining our Sobriety 

Working with a sponsor who can take us through the 12 steps of recovery results in a spiritual and life-changing experience. We can move forward with our lives and feel a sense of purpose.

For some people, completing the steps can take a few days or a few weeks. Other people take more time with their steps. In any case, the question many of us have once we have reached the twelfth step is if we are finished.

Are we fully recovered? The answer is that we are never fully finished working our recovery. Freedom from our addiction is a process that we must work every day of our lives.

The first hurdle, of course, is to relieve our obsession and dependence on alcohol or other substances. Maintaining our sobriety is a practice, and actions must be implemented into our lives every single day to ensure that we stay sober.

Attending meetings, working with a sponsor, continuing to take suggestions, and taking others through the twelve steps are all ways that we continue our sobriety. Revisiting and reworking our own steps is another element of preserving our sobriety.

Life will change, we create new resentments, and we grow as humans. The continuous work we put into our recovery only enhances the quality of our lives, our happiness, and our sobriety. 


Is It Worth It?

The further we get in our sobriety, the looming fear is that we fall backwards, or relapse. Luckily, there are steps outlined and proven to help us avoid that occurrence. It is our duty and responsibility to follow those before us, who have stayed sober and lead happy lives.

We listen to their suggestions, allow them to teach us, and in turn we can teach others. In addiction, we suffered through misery, discontentment, even feelings of hopelessness. This is why we continue to do the work, to carry the message, to be examples of hope for others.

If we continue to attend meetings, to work with newcomers, to work on ourselves, the fear of relapse should become increasingly distant. We accomplish so much and receive so many blessings, and those will only continue to come as long as we keep up with the lifestyle that we have worked so hard for, the happy lifestyle we deserve


At The Guest House Ocala we have over 12 years of experience in recovery, and have helped so many people find their happiness. You are worthy of a healthy and fulfilling life, and our staff is well-trained and excited to work with you to guide you through recovery. Call 855-979-8446 today for more information.