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How to Love Someone Through Their TraumaAs you start to see the progression of someone’s trauma, you may also realize that they can be challenging to deal with at times. This is not necessarily saying the person with trauma is difficult, but the highs and lows of emotions related to traumatic experiences can be difficult to endure. Not knowing what to expect when you are around them is enough to make you want to avoid the conflict altogether. Even if they seem to push you away, this is merely a coping mechanism that they use because they may not feel ready to receive support from others. They just want you to understand their trauma so they do not have to feel so terrible. On the other hand, you may be unsure about how to walk with them on this journey when they are mistreating you every chance they get.

Hurt People Hurt Other People

Although you should never accept abuse in any form, someone saying hurtful things or being hard on you is not them talking from their truth as much as they are talking from their pain. Taking into consideration that they are lashing out because they are hurting can give you the option to not take what they say so personally and be able to see past their actions to their pain. Giving them hope during this bleak time can begin the process of healing so that they can be restored back to repose.

Go With the Flow

As you move through this stage of life with your loved one, you should be there to offer support and not internalize their pain as your own. There is room for compassion and empathy in this scenario unless you let them stay in the problem instead of moving towards the solution. Do not get stuck in the self-pity and martyrdom that can occur when dealing with trauma and keep moving forward with positivity and recovery even if it is only on your end. You can be a good example by showing them the hope you have and the love you feel for them.

Get comfortable with setting boundaries or detaching (with love) if things start to get out of hand. Talking to them about what you are both feeling when the time is appropriate and with a kind and caring approach can assist in teaching them how you wish to be treated. There may be times when you feel frustrated or disregarded, but if your relationship with them is meaningful enough, you will find the strength to aid in their recovery. You can make a difference by loving your loved one in their recovery from trauma by being a bright spot in their life.

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