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Moving through our 12-step program, we come to the point where we make amends with the people we have harmed in our past. This is a step that can be intimidating. Reaching back out those we own amends to may be less than ideal. We may have not been in contact with a few of them for quite a long time, and the damage we need to discuss could frighten us. Finding the willingness to contact them, humbling ourselves, and hashing out our past isn’t easy. Some anxiety is completely normal. However, this step is one of the most vital in overcoming our past and moving forward. When we feel paralyzed and stuck in our fear as we head into our ninth step, there are a few things we should remember in order to take action. 


As with everything else in our lives, our Higher Power is going to take the reins during our ninth step. We pray and rely heavily on our spiritual connection to guide us on the right path. Trust that your Higher Power will support you and only bring you challenges that you can handle. If we truly let go and believe that we are taken care of, no matter what, we can walk into our amends with less uncertainty and more serenity. 

The Foundation of the Steps

The 12 steps are organized so that each one builds upon the last. We need to be sure that we have completed the eight previous steps to the best of our ability. If we have put in the effort and have been completely honest, we should find that we are no longer overwhelmed by fear. Beginning the amends process, if we still feel unable to go through with them, it may mean we need to backtrack and reexamine our past work. There may have been a step where we don’t feel fully confident in or haven’t completed it. Ask your sponsor if you think this is a possibility. 

We Do Recover

Keep in mind that we find the best recovery when we complete all 12 steps. The people who you look up to at meetings or within your program are strong in their sobriety because they worked the steps and helped others do the same. A large part of being successful and avoiding relapse is addressing the damage we have caused in the past. Making amends is important because we are owning up to our part in the damage and doing whatever we can to repair it. If we do not give our best effort, there is room for resentment to continue to flourish. This is a constant threat to our sobriety. No one is perfect, and we all make mistakes. Sometimes you’ll find that the amends you were the most anxious to make are the ones that bring you the most relief. Commit to your recovery, do the work even when it is hard or intimidating, and you will find new strength and a true spiritual experience. 


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