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Is Becoming Willing to Become Willing in Recovery Even A Thing?


Most people come kicking and screaming into recovery. Taking away their beloved drugs and alcohol is almost too much for them to handle because they no longer have a way to cope with life. As they begin their journey in recovery, one of the things they will have to muster is willingness. Cessation from these substances is already difficult and being willing to accept sobriety as their lot in life is often even more than they can take. What needs to happen next is to become willing – to become willing.

Be Willing to Listen.

You will hear many of the old-timers say that they came into the program thinking they knew everything, but the more they got sober, the more they realized they didn’t know that much. What this translates to is that you probably may not know much about how to stay sober when you first come. You will continuously be a work in progress that will need direction. Have the willingness to listen to how others achieve sobriety so that you have a chance to stay sober.

Be Willing to Change.

You would not be the only person who came into recovery thinking that what everyone else is doing is pretty lame. If you take a real look into how things work, you may want to make the necessary changes to stay sober from drugs and alcohol. Willingness does not mean that you have to go all-in and do everything at once. Change has to take place in natural increments as not to overwhelm you.

The best thing you can do to stay sober is to take direction from someone who has already made tons of changes that are working for them and follow suit. Willingness is something that must come from within. Through acting as if in the beginning, your willingness will eventually take over if you let it.

If the first thing you must do is be willing to be willing, you can handle it. You do not have to commit right away, but at least give recovery a chance. Your life depends on it and will be over the moon in gratitude.

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