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We tend to associate the recovery process with all the daunting and overwhelming challenges we’re being faced with and all the sacrifices we’re making, namely having to let go of our drugs of choice, as well as the unhealthy relationships that fueled our addictions. We think of the recovery process as being an arduous and tiresome one. Going into the recovery process, we might feel a sense of dread, even defeat, especially if we’ve tried unsuccessfully to get sober before. We might resent having to get sober. How can we change our outlook on recovery? Is it possible to actually enjoy the recovery process rather than dreading or resenting it?

Positively Reframing Sobriety

Being able to enjoy recovery means shifting how we look at sobriety. Rather than seeing having to give up our drugs of choice as a sacrifice, we can see shedding our dependence on them as a form of liberation. We’re not being forced to give up something we love, we’re freeing ourselves from something that has hurt us, paralyzed us, and held us back. We’re not being forced to get sober, we’re choosing a better life for ourselves. When we think about sobriety and recovery differently, we can begin to see all the positive elements that come with them.

Finding Sources of Enjoyment 

What do you have to look forward to in sobriety? What can you enjoy now that you couldn’t before? We have clarity and peace of mind to look forward to. We can think clearly without our faculties and intuition being compromised. We can enjoy being with our loved ones without worrying that we’re hurting them unknowingly. We can enjoy the process of rebuilding our relationships and healing them from the years of damage they’ve suffered, by doing fun things with the people we care about and celebrating our sobriety with them. We can enjoy all the things we used to enjoy before our addictions took over our lives. We can get back to all the creative pursuits, interests, passions, and talents we neglected to our drugs of choice. We can enjoy recreating ourselves as new, stronger, happier versions of ourselves. We can enjoy rebuilding our lives, knowing that the future holds incredible possibilities for us now that we’re sober and no longer self-destructing.

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