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We have all heard someone call themselves a perfectionist. Maybe you consider yourself a perfectionist. Maybe you know a family or friend that you consider a perfectionist. It is a term that people tend to throw around without really thinking about what it means or how it really affects a person’s life. So is it bad? If so many people consider themselves perfectionists, and so many people say that their friends and family are, does that have any negative consequences? The simple answer is, for some people, perfectionism does negatively impact their life. For some personalities, this can put a lot of pressure on certain activities. Work, school, and relationships can all take on an additional dynamic when you have a feeling that you need to be perfect at everything. Perfectionism can add stress beyond what the average person feels, which can then associate negative feelings toward the activity or situation. Here are a few tips to think about if you are feeling that extra pressure of perfectionism.

Be Realistic

Try to be realistic in the moment. Nobody is perfect, and you will not always excel at everything you do. You will not get a perfect test score every single time, you will not always get a perfect grade, that winning goal, or a relationship that never has a single fight. The ups and downs of life help to make it special and memorable. Try to remind yourself that being perfect is boring and unreasonable. 

Lean on Your Support Group

Sometimes we fail to notice when we are being a perfectionist. We can easily get wrapped up in our thought process, our emotions, and our goals. When those moments happen, we can have our family or friends tell us that we are being a perfectionist. A simple reminder can help us to stop and think. Remembering to be realistic and understand that we do not always need to be perfect is paramount to a successful recovery journey

Being a perfectionist can add stress to everyday life. When that is combined with anxiety, depression, addiction, or other mental health issues, it can sometimes take over a person’s life. Remembering to be realistic is important. Take a moment and think about what you are doing, and try to remember that you do not need to be perfect or have perfect relationships. When you are unable to do that, rely on your support system to let you know when you are being a perfectionist, and be willing to listen. The Guest House is here to help you work through your struggles. Call us today to learn more about our therapeutic options at (855) 483-7800.