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Childhood Trauma

Many people who experience trauma at some point during childhood may be worried that they will continue the cycle of trauma. Many perpetrators of abuse have also been victims themselves. Abusers and child molesters may have also been victimized as children. They may be acting their trauma out on others, making them feel the pain that they felt as well. Hearing stories like this may make us feel hopeless or helpless. We may feel bound to fate and fear that we will continue the cycle of trauma that we have experienced in the past. Hope begins with those of us brave enough to free ourselves from the pain of trauma. Those who are brave enough to walk through the pain of trauma can break the cycle.

Hope is possible for those suffering from the effects of trauma, even deep-seated family traumas. While we may have been victimized as children, we can break the cycle by learning healthy ways of coping with our trauma. We can make the choice to take a stand against the upbringing that has left us feeling hopeless and fractured. We can choose a healthy and happy life by being brave enough to face the challenge of trauma work. We are not bound to repeat our pasts or continue to live out our traumas. The past is the past and the cycle can end with us. By facing our trauma head-on, we can break the cycle and start a new pattern of health and happiness for our generation.

Breaking the cycle of trauma in your family can begin with you. You may feel that your family will continue to be afflicted by traumas from the past. These traumas may have been passed down from generation to generation. You may feel that this is your destiny or fate. You can choose to be brave and face your trauma. The trauma in your family can end with you. You can learn to cope with your trauma and break free from the pain. Working through your trauma can have a huge impact on generations to come. Begin a new cycle of health and happiness. The old cycle ends now and the better, new cycle,  begins with you. To get started on your trauma work, call The Guest House at (855) 483-7800 today. You do not have to continue passing the pain on. You can end this. Call us today to get help!