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Lady Gaga’s New Electronic Dance Album Features Songs About PTSD


Lady Gaga recently released her new album, “Chromatica.” Even though a lot of the songs are upbeat and fun to dance to, the lyrics present real issues of PTSD and other mental illnesses. As a survivor of sexual assault and a mental health advocate, Lady Gaga uses her music as a way to communicate with survivors of trauma that they are not alone.

Stupid Love

The third track on “Chromatica” is called “Stupid Love,” and it is about being open to love while still dealing with trauma. Gaga talks about how she is looking at the one she loves and is talking herself out of crying. She says, “No one’s gonna heal me if I don’t open this door,” which means she needs to be open to talking about her trauma instead of keeping it locked up.

If we are not willing to discuss the pain we are experiencing, we will never get better. She questions if this love will heal her from the pain and is willing to take that risk no matter what. That even if that “stupid love” could bring her pain, she still wants it. The lyric “it’s time to free me from the shame” shows she is ready to take that step to be more upfront about her trauma.

Free Woman

The fifth track, “Free Woman,” is about being free from the trauma you have endured. In an interview for Apple Music, Lady Gaga says the song is about no longer defining herself as a sexual assault survivor and just a person who is free and had bad things happen to her in the past. It is an empowering song about recognizing her own strength and enjoying her life. Her freedom is like a “dance floor I fought for” and to continue to live life to the fullest.


The twelfth track, “Replay,” can teach listeners what a trauma trigger feels like. This song is about triggers and being triggered when struggling with PTSD. In the song, she is confused about what to do and feels “the scars on my mind are on replay” and that “the monster” inside is torturing her.

The trauma is the “best and worst thing” for her because as painful as trauma is, she still has hope in herself. Lady Gaga combines compelling lyrics of trauma with a danceable beat to inspire hope in others.

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