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Nature is uniquely beautiful. Depending on where you live, you may not spend much time appreciating or thinking about nature. However, if you struggle with your mental health, spending time in nature may be just what you need. You don’t need to be an outdoors person to enjoy everything nature has to offer. Free up a day and head out to a state park or a remote trail. You may be surprised at all of the benefits you experience and enjoy. As you continue in your recovery, you may notice that your mental health changes. Finding what brings you joy and comfort should be considered one of your main goals. At times it can become easy to become so fixated on your sobriety and your health that you forget to enjoy yourself. Fight that urge and remember to find joy while you maintain your sobriety and goals. Here are a few simple suggestions to keep in mind as you journey outdoors


Devote Your Time


Devote some time when you head out into nature. We all lead busy lives, which can easily be fueling your mental health struggles. Free up as much time as you can and simply relax in the natural surroundings available to you. Try not to think about all of the work you have to do or tasks you need to accomplish. Center yourself, and be mindful of your surroundings. 


Focusing on your mental well-being is something you probably worked hard on during treatment. You learned how important it is to dedicate time to yourself. However, making time for yourself can be challenging to remember as you transition back into society. Our days are jam-packed, and we live in a society that glorifies being busy. Remember what you worked hard to achieve and take your power back. If you find yourself struggling, reach out for help. There is no shame in needing support as you navigate through a sober lifestyle. 


Notice the Small Things


While you are out in nature, try to notice the small things. Take time to look at all of the wildflowers stretching out towards the sun or the small bees buzzing through the tall grass. We lead such chaotic and non-stop lives that we fail to pause and see the beauty all around us. When we can see the beauty around us, we can center our minds and find our inner calm


Finding our inner calm is a powerful tool. Stress, anxiety, and triggers are all going to be part of our lives; they are inevitable. Learning to find your strength and ground yourself when they strike is essential. Learning to do this can take a lot of time. However, it is worth it, and you will thank yourself for putting in the effort when you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. 


Acknowledge Your Feelings


As you are walking through nature, take time to notice how you feel. Do you think about anything in particular? Do you feel calm? Do you feel better than you do during the everyday, busy times of life? If being in nature helps you work through the stresses of life and find your calm, then that can be helpful to your mental health. You may also notice that being in nature helps you process emotions, think with a clear mind, and formulate goals. Leading a sober lifestyle is a very positive choice, but it does come with stress, just like everything else in life. Learn to work through the stress and find your happiness. 


Explore Outside of Your Comfort Zone


Utilize your free time in nature to explore outside of your comfort zones. Often we stay within our comfort zone because doing so is comfortable and it is safe. Step outside your zone and try something new. You will begin to find comfort in your discomfort. You can experience an incredible thrill in trying new activities and exploring new places. You may notice that stepping out of your comfort zone can help you maintain your mental health and overall well-being. Explore new places, try new activities, and reach out in directions you never thought you would. You are a powerful person, and addiction no longer controls you. Take your life back and enjoy finding yourself again. Addiction consumed you, and you probably forgot all of the activities you once enjoyed. Enjoy your life again, one new activity at a time. Take the people you love and explore together. Spending time in nature can help you in so many different ways, both with yourself and with those you love. 


Spending time in nature can be wonderful. Greenspace can help people work through trauma, addiction, or mental health struggles. We are all unique, and finding the right activity to help your mind and body find peace is a great goal to have. While you are in nature, try to think about your journey to sobriety and all of the hard work you have done. Devote some time to connecting with the nature around you while being mindful of what you are feeling. Nature has the ability to help us notice the small things and appreciate our struggles. Here at The Guest House, we take a holistic approach to recovery. We know that everyone is on their own journey and needs different levels of support. Many people need continued support even after achieving a sober lifestyle. We are here to help you along your path. Call us today to learn more about our different treatment options at (855) 483-7800.