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Movies, television shows, music, and video games are all important entertainment industries that can help a person pass time and enjoy themselves. However, they can also be used as a tool that holds therapeutic value. Directors, musicians, and video game developers all put a lot of work and emotion into their products, each with the intent to help those using their product elicit some kind of emotional response, whether it be hyping a person up for a workout, creating a somber atmosphere, or even deliberately angering their audiences for a narrative purpose. Because of this approach, these media outlets can create their own therapeutic value by allowing their watchers, listeners, or players a safe space to experience a certain, intended emotion. 

For example, those suffering from trauma may have fear and anxiety play a major role in their daily lives. While then watching a scary movie or playing a horror game such as one in the  Silent Hill franchise may seem counter-intuitive, it can also help a person begin to focus the fear that they are experiencing. Having a dedicated outlet where a person is invited to safely experience any pent-up emotions can be very relieving. Instead of anxieties feeling like they are constantly swirling around, these media outlets can give them a directed, understandable form. 

This approach also then gives a person agency over their own emotion. Now, a person is not only able to identify a source of this emotion, but they have the power to directly interact with it, as well. Those suffering from depression may put on a sad song, allowing themselves a safe space to experience and process their emotions. However, they also have the ability to turn the song off, and can thus choose when and how they manage their own emotional state. This kind of agency can introduce a much-needed sense of control through any step of the recovery process. 

Having a safe space to experience your emotions is an important aspect of recovery. If you or a loved one are struggling with your traumatic experiences and are ready to take your first step into a safe space to work through your goals, The Guest House can help you today. With cinema therapy as just one of the many available approaches to your recovery, we can work alongside you to establish the best, personalized program for your needs and goals in recovery. For more information on how we can personalize your time with us, or to talk to a caring, trained professional about your unique circumstances, call us today at (855) 483-7800.