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mindful cookingYou have probably heard of “mindful eating,” defined as staying in the moment and taking in what you feel as you eat. But have you heard of mindful cooking? Mindful cooking is staying in the moment during the entire cooking process. Just like mindful eating, mindful cooking can help us develop a deeper relationship with ourselves. Here are just a few benefits to mindful cooking.

Help Manage Difficult Emotions

Cooking is very immersive, encompassing sensations like texture, taste, sound, temperature, and aroma. Cooking can distract us from unproductive thoughts and provide us with feelings of mastery and control. Sometimes learning new skills and doing new activities can help us to understand our feelings and emotions better. For some of us, there are times where we simply cannot find the right words to express what we are feeling. Cooking can help some people work through those complicated feelings.

Develop Confidence

It takes skill to learn to follow a recipe and execute the meal properly. It takes focus and determination to follow the written words and translate them into preparing a dish. Taste is merely a preference, and you can adjust recipes to your liking. You will gain confidence in your abilities as you practice and continue making new foods.

Improve Mental Focus

For those of us who struggle with our mental health issues, it can be challenging to focus. When we follow a specific recipe, we need to focus, follow directions, and put those instructions into action. If other thoughts distract us, we are not able to execute the recipe very well. Sometimes it is helpful to focus on something specific. We can decide to create the atmosphere that is best for us. Some of us will benefit from turning electronics off, while others may want to turn up the music and rock out in the kitchen. Learning what works best for you is an integral part of the recovery process.

Mindful cooking can help us learn more about ourselves. It can help us to stay in the moment, develop confidence, and improve our focus. When we choose to be mindful, we can learn to let go of other thoughts and worries for the time being and stay in the moment. Cooking is the perfect activity to help us stay in the moment and create a healthy meal. Sometimes we need help to understand our underlying mental health concerns. Here at The Guest House, we are here to help you gain the skills and tools needed to work through challenges ahead of you. Call us today to learn more about our different treatment options at (855) 483-7800.