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Trauma is a broad term defined as an emotional response to a terrible event (American Psychological Association). Such a broad definition can cover a plethora of possibilities. However, what is known is that trauma can incite in a person suffering a fight or flight response. It can also elicit a paralyzing reaction to not doing anything to become relieved from the circumstance. Treating a range of reactions can be a complicated process. However, more recently, mindfulness therapy has been able to treat and help shed light on traumatic events and disorders such as PTSD. Learning to practice mindfulness regularly may help relieve trauma symptoms to let yourself live a happier, healthier life. 

Mindfulness and the Brain

Mindfulness meditation can impact the brain, changing brain structures, and functions that account for reducing symptoms. These changes explore the patterns for which symptoms occur during emotional regulation and memory response within the amygdala. Mindfulness helps to reverse these thinking patterns by increasing prefrontal and hippocampal activity, thus toning down the amygdala. Brain scans further support mindfulness by examining how it affects the gray matter in both the hippocampus and amygdala during the process. 

Brain Function 

Mindfulness has shown promise that patients who received Mindfulness-Based Exposure Therapy (MBET) experienced actual post-treatment brain changes that indicate mechanisms by which mindfulness could help treat trauma-related disorders. Additionally, MRI brain scans support that mindfulness increases brain activity that has been otherwise not as active. This research suggests that throughout multiple treatments, mindfulness can help train people to become unstuck from the cycles of negative thinking. 

Starting your recovery journey means it is now time to heal from past trauma. Healing may be a challenging process, but research suggests that mindfulness can help heal the brain. The neural correlates of symptom reduction can bring to light the effectiveness of mindfulness therapy as a way to treat trauma-related disorders. So far, the research is encouraging. Further education and research will refine the process and bring treatment and awareness closer to becoming realized. When you are struggling with a trauma-related disorder, you should never limit yourself when finding help and raising awareness. At Guest House, we continue to discover and use therapies that are backed by science and research. Our mission is to continue to build on the efforts to help raise awareness and bring to light, effective treatments. To learn more, reach out to us today by calling (855) 483-7800.