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Recovery is a known way to cope with addiction and trauma, but did you know that recovery is also based on spirituality? One of the first suggestions after admitting you have a problem with drugs and alcohol is to find a Higher Power of your own understanding. By doing so, you give up control to a power greater than yourself – a Higher Power. In turn, this Higher Power can provide you with the ability to remain sober.


You may be put off by the suggestion of a Higher Power because of your past experiences. While the word “God” is usually used in religious terms, “God” is also defined as “an adored, admired, or influential being.” This is good news for those struggling to discover a Higher Power. If you are agnostic, this definition can help you grasp what a Higher Power means to you. 


Use Nature

Looking at the ocean, for example, you can see the ebb and flow of the waves and the tides, which is an excellent metaphor for your recovery. The resounding command of the ocean is also proof that there is something much powerful out there running the show. As you stare at the sea, you can begin to acknowledge your own smallness in the unfathomable power of the unknown. 


Use Spirituality

There many spiritual practices that you can connect to and find guidance from. Yoga, Reiki, and Buddhism are just a few examples of spiritual practices that can help you to define what a Higher Power means to you. The spiritual method of meditation, prayer, mindfulness, or introspection can be beneficial for your sobriety. On the other hand, if religion is what gets you to practice spirituality, then use that. Your Higher Power is of your own understanding, so you can put faith into something that you believe in.


Use Your Recovery Group

Since a recovery group is made up of more than one person, the bigger the number, the more reliable the connection will be. Although you do not need to put your recovery group on a pedestal, you should use them for strength and guidance until more is revealed in your recovery.


As you can visualize, all of these types of a Higher Power are known for their powerful existence. Trying to connect to any one of these powerful deities can help you to build your spirituality exponentially. Trying to define your Higher Power might not come easily for you at first, and that is okay. The point is to seek so that you can recover. 


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