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Psychodrama is a form of therapy that allows individuals to explore issues through action methods. This form of therapy typically incorporates role-playing and group dynamics to help people gain a greater perspective on emotional concerns, conflicts, and other areas of difficulty in a safe environment. Psychodrama can create a creative environment for expression when it can be difficult to find the right words. 

The Purpose of Psychodrama 

One benefit of this form of therapy is that it typically helps people develop their use of language and perspective as they use action methods to explore past, present, and future concerns. The idea is to use creativity, spontaneity, group dynamics, and role theory to evoke cognitive, emotional, and behavioral responses to help achieve a new perspective. This form of therapy can also greatly help a person understand their interactions with others and what may be hindering change. When we can understand what is really holding us back, we can work towards moving forward in a healthy manner. 

Who Can Benefit

Psychodrama is considered a holistic approach and is believed to be effective for a wide array of issues. Those struggling with expressing themselves may benefit from this approach. Alternatively, this approach has also been helpful for individuals learning to control their emotions. Individuals experiencing difficulty with relationships, social and emotional functions, trauma, unresolved loss, or addiction might find psychodrama a helpful approach. Almost everyone can benefit from creatively expressing their struggles and concerns. 

What To Expect

Psychodrama sessions are typically performed about once a week as group therapy. Sessions tend to focus on one individual at a time with the other members of the group helping take roles as needed. Role reversal is one technique that is commonly used. Other techniques include mirroring, doubling, which is when group members adopt the protagonist’s behaviors and movements, and finally soliloquy, which is when the protagonist relates inner thoughts and feelings to the audience.  

Psychodrama is a form of therapy that allows for creative expression to better understand the challenges individuals may be facing. This form of therapy is thought to be beneficial for a wide array of clients and situations. Working in a group setting has the ability to help clients look within themselves, work together, and learn to open up to new people. Here at The Guest House, we have many different treatment options to explore and experience. Call us today to discuss what therapies may be right for you and your unique needs at (855) 483-7800.