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Next Step

In recovery, you will hear people talking about completing the next indicated step. What you have found in your own experience are failed tasks and too many missteps to count. As you keep pushing forward in your sobriety, you may be wondering how to achieve a level of growth that includes taking the next indicated step. The challenge is discerning what the next indicated step actually is.

The Thought That Crosses Your Mind

Rather than just acting on the first thing that pops into your mind, you should think about what you really should be doing. Sometimes the next indicated step will entail completing the thought that crosses your mind. Still, the next indicated step is usually the most responsible option of those presented to you. You may not want to do what is supposed to be happening next. However, completing the next indicated step will give you serenity and build self-esteem.

The Action That Needs To Be Taken

To assess the most important things that need to be done, you can check where you need to start by pinpointing what you should do first. Attempting to remember everything or fly by the seat of your pants only causes chaos and irresponsibility. Maintain a calendar for appointments. Write out to-do lists. Assess the importance of your recovery alongside your personal business so that you can get everything you need accomplished and then some.

The Intention That Should Be Actualized

Your intentions should be put at attention. Without flagging them as necessary, plans may turn into fleeting motives. An intention is really a seed that helps you move forward in your desire to make things happen in your life. When you have an intention that you know will cause you to be successful, such as finding a sponsor or applying for a job, you should put the plan into motion. Procrastinating means that you are not living up to your full potential and missing opportunities to make your sober life better. When you stop procrastinating, you will start a forward motion that can make your recovery stronger than ever.

Taking the next indicated step is crucial for survival in recovery, especially if your next indicated step is cessation from drugs and alcohol. You may be terrified of what comes next but choose wisely because your life could depend on it.

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