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Therapist and client in office

It is completely normal to feel nervous as you begin therapy. If you have never been in therapy before, you may wonder what to expect from your therapist. What will they say? What will they do? Will you lay down on one of those lounge chairs like in all movies? Many of the stereotypical ideas you have about therapy are simply fiction. Your therapist is there to support you and help you work through any struggle you are facing. Here is a brief overview of what you can expect from your therapist.

They Will Want to Get to Know You

Your therapist will want to get to know you. What makes you the person that you are? What are your goals? What are you proud of? Your therapist will want to help you become the person you have always wanted to be. Therapy is much more than simply talking about issues that bother you because you are not just a diagnosis.

They Will Help You Draw Connections

Your childhood, unresolved trauma, relationships, and past connect and impact who you are today. Mental health issues are complex, and often it can be challenging to form connections and truly understand the root of your issues. Your therapist is trained to see those connections and help you to better understand how various components of your life are all connected.

They Want to Hear All of Your Questions

You may find yourself with many questions, especially if you are experiencing a new diagnosis. Your therapist wants to hear all of your questions, even those you think are silly. When you feel informed, you will feel in better control of what you are experiencing.

Their Goal Is to Support Your Journey

Your therapist is there to support your journey and help you learn the best skills and tools to face your challenges and meet your goals. Try to keep an open mind and learn about all of the new concepts they are willing to teach you.

Feeling nervous about starting therapy is perfectly normal. The unknown aspect of meeting a new therapist can be nerve-racking. Your therapist will want to get to know you and better understand your aspirations. Their goal is to help you achieve any goal you want to work towards. Your therapist will be ready to answer your questions and draw connections to help you better understand your mental health. Here at The Guest House, we are prepared to help you face your challenges. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 to learn more about our treatment options.