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Co-Ocurring Disorders

If you are working on trauma and co-occurring disorders, you can begin working on them at the same time. For example, if you are using alcohol to deal with trauma, you may need to address your underlying issue of trauma to treat your addiction. However, treatment often requires sobriety to work best and you may need to detox from alcohol or other substances first. You can apply this concept to other disorders, such as eating disorders or psychiatric disorders, as well.

Eating Disorders

While eating disorders may be linked to trauma, depending upon the severity of your eating disorder, you may need to regain some of your physical health before trauma work. If you are actively anorexic, you may struggle with trauma work. You may need help with your physical health first to get some of your strength back before diving into trauma work. While you can work on both disorders at the same time, you may need medical treatment first, much like an alcoholic may need medical detox before rehabilitation

Psychiatric Disorders

Psychiatric disorders can cause a number of issues to the mental health of those afflicted. You may be actively delusional or hearing voices if your symptoms are severe. You may need specialized treatment at a psychiatric facility before working on your trauma treatment. While some psychiatric disorders can be treated along with trauma, you may struggle with the intensity of trauma work if you are actively delusional or paranoid.

Working on trauma can be intense and requires you to be attentive to heal from trauma. While many co-occurring disorders can be best treated at the same time due to their interconnectedness, you may need to deal with severe issues first before working on trauma. Most facilities require that anyone addicted to drugs or alcohol to be clean and sober during treatment. Similar things can apply to those dealing with severe eating or psychiatric disorders. Trauma treatment can help you once you are in a more stable and healthy frame of mind. You may be unsure of whether or not you are ready for trauma work. The Guest House is here to help you make this determination. While we encourage our clients to work on co-occurring disorders along with their trauma, we know that sometimes, some symptoms can be too severe and need to be treated elsewhere first. Our staff can help you make decisions regarding your current treatment needs. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 for more information.