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You may be suffering from trauma and struggling to see the positive aspects of your life experiences. While you cannot deny that something horrible has happened to you, you cannot change the past. You can only change the way you choose to look at things. While you never should have had to endure such a negative event, you did survive. You can learn to thrive. To help you gain some perspective and try to see the positive, remember that you now possess powerful gifts from surviving and recovering from your trauma.

Empathy and Conscious Awareness

  • You may be more understanding of the suffering of others 
  • You might have more awareness of your emotional states than others


  • You have survived and are learning to thrive
  • You are getting yourself through the negative thoughts and feelings to find happiness

Humor and Humility

  • You may have developed a sense of humor to help you stay positive 
  • You might have an increase in humility as you have learned much more about yourself through introspection


  • You have likely learned a great deal of wisdom through your traumatic experiences
  • You now know what to look out for to avoid dangerous and distressing situations
  • You also know how to cope with the bad things in life

Deeper Spiritual Connection

  • You may have a deeper connection to something beyond yourself
  • You may have needed to look outward to heal by letting go and trusting in something more powerful than yourself

Clearer Understanding of Life Purpose

  • Following all of your experience and introspection, you likely have a greater understanding of your purpose in life
  • You have learned about what is important and how you contribute value to the world

Trauma can leave us feeling wounded and lost. We may have a negative way of looking at our lives and the world around us. Developing a positive frame of mind may be difficult. We may have to dig deep and look inward. While we wish that we never experienced these events, we can recognize and appreciate the gifts that we now possess. We have developed a great sense of empathy, we can understand our own emotions, we are strong and resilient, we have learned to use humor to cope, we are humble and grounded, we have a great wisdom about life, we have a deep connection to our spiritual life, and we have a clearer understanding of life’s meaning. If you are struggling due to traumatic experiences in your past, you can seek treatment today. The Guest House is here for you and can help you realize your unique gifts. Call us today at (855) 483-7800.