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When you enter a treatment program for trauma or other issues, you may be asked to surrender your cell phone or other electronic devices. You may be questioning why you are asked to do this, especially if you like to remain in close contact with your support system over the phone. Each facility may have its own rules regarding cell phone and device usage. At The Guest House, you can check your phone with approval and check your computer during approved times during the day. While this may seem a little strict, phones and devices can distract us from being present in the moment. Your phone, computer, tablet, or another device might be taking you out of the moment and distracting you from living your life. In recovery and treatment, you want to be able to focus on yourself and complete your trauma work with as little distraction as possible. 

There are good reasons right now to take a break or decrease the amount of time you spend on your phone or computer. Try to take a break from your phone by using “do not disturb” functions or only checking your emails at certain times during each day. You may notice some of these benefits:

  • You might sleep better by taking a break from devices for two to three hours before bed due to the stimulating effects of lights emitted by screens.
  • An increase in your focus by not being distracted by constant notifications.
  • Lower levels of stress by not needing to attend to every email as they come up. 
  • Better balance between life and work if you also have a phone for work. When you are constantly connected to your work, you may have a difficult time differentiating between work time and home life.

Many of us may be using our phones and other devices every day for work and to stay connected with other people. Our devices can be incredibly useful. During the lockdowns of the pandemic, phones and computers have helped people continue to work from home. They have helped us stay in touch with our friends and families. We are also able to continue seeing doctors and therapists by “telecommuting.” However, too much of a good thing can be detrimental. We may be too distracted by our phones and forget to focus on the “here and now.” Many recovery treatment facilities have restrictions on the use of personal phones and other devices to help you focus on your recovery. You may be allowed to access your devices at specific times each day. However, when you are in recovery, you need to be able to focus on yourself to heal. If you are struggling with feelings from traumatic experiences, call The Guest House for additional support at (855) 483-7800.