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Why Do We Have Such a Hard Time Quitting?

For those of us struggling with addiction, one of our greatest challenges lies in just how hard it can be for us to quit. We might be dealing with non-addicts in our lives who don’t understand why we can’t kick our habit. They might assume we’re making the conscious choice to hurt ourselves, not realizing how strong our dependence actually is. When we’ve tried multiple times to quit unsuccessfully, we’re filled with feelings of disappointment, defeat, and shame that can compound the problem, making it even harder for us to quit the next time we try. Why do we have such a hard time quitting?

Biochemical Dependence

Many of us have formed a physical dependence on our drug of choice after years of use that makes us feel as though we need it to survive, that makes us feel sick without it, and that can cause painful and even fatal withdrawal symptoms when we’re trying to come off it. We become biochemically dependent on this external substance. Without it, we can become ill, unable to sleep or eat, incapable of relaxing, even prone to dangerous symptoms such as seizures and accelerated heartrates. When we’ve developed this strong dependency, it’s in our best interest to seek out professional treatment with care providers who are experienced in treating the exact issues we’re suffering from.

Emotional Dependence

In addition to our physical dependence, many of us have developed a mental and emotional dependence on our drug of choice. We’ve convinced ourselves over the years that we’re worthless without it. We use it to cope with our stress, with the unhealed pain we’re experiencing, and with the many demands of our daily lives. We use it to relax, to improve our appetite and regulate our sleeping patterns, to make it through the workday, even to be able to socialize in public settings. Many of us are contending with acute mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, social anxiety, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Our drugs of choice have become our means of self-medicating from these painful illnesses.

When we are ready to quit or to try again, there is help available. It’s never too late to get help and to be our best selves.

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