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Our fear of change keeps us trapped in our cycles of addiction. We’re afraid to make changes to our lives, routines, lifestyles, and habits. If we make these changes, we’re scared to lose our sense of individuality. We’re afraid to do the challenging work of recovery, and we’re afraid of the potential outcomes. Most of all, we’re scared of all the uncertainty that comes with the unknown. Who will we be? How will we change? What will our lives be like? What will we have to let go of?

We’re Resistant to Personal Development

When we’re struggling with addiction, our fear of change is often rooted in resistance to personal development. We reject the idea of deep self-reflection. This means looking at ourselves honestly and unearthing everything we’ve been suppressing for so long. The mere idea of changing and improving ourselves is enough to spur a month-long binge. We know that self-improvement will ultimately mean we have to give up our drugs of choice. Through years of addiction, we’ve become very comfortable living in denial. We want to believe that we can stay as we are, living the lives we’ve grown accustomed to. Making sacrifices and shedding toxic behaviors is anathema to the addicted life. Tough choices and letting go of our routine would literally turn our world upside down. We know that developing ourselves will mean letting go of the different sources of harm and destructiveness in our lives. Even though they are destroying us, we don’t necessarily want to lose them. This fundamental paradox forms the core of an addicted life, and it can be tough to break through that.

We’ve Given Up On Ourselves

Addicted people have often given up on themselves and stopped fighting to improve. Sometimes our complacency comes from being depressed. We feel defeated and hopeless. Addiction has left us plagued with feelings of insecurity and low self-worth. We don’t believe we’re capable of change, and we don’t think we deserve to succeed. It’s tough to motivate ourselves to fight our addictions when we’ve given up on ourselves. Sometimes we have a hard time with change because we’ve lost our will to fight for ourselves. 

The Guest House is a welcoming and supportive recovery home where you will be met with open arms, wherever you are on your journey.

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