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Will I Be Able to Stay Sober?

You’ve managed to get sober successfully – congratulations! That is a huge milestone and something to really be proud of. You’ve worked extremely hard, and now you might be wondering if you’ll be able to stay sober for the long haul. The truth is, recovery is a lifelong journey and in order to stay sober, we have to remain diligent with ourselves and keep up with our recovery work. It is absolutely possible to stay sober and to prevent relapse, and there are several things we can do to help ourselves succeed. Here are a few suggestions.

Stay Open to Support

Our need for support doesn’t end as soon as we leave treatment. Many rehabs have aftercare services and relapse prevention programs that are available to anyone who has completed treatment. Try to resist thinking that you don’t need any more help just because you passed the first hurdle. We can all use help as we continue moving forward, and there is no shame in needing support. Stay in touch with your sponsor and recovery coach, continue going to therapy, and take advantage of all the resources provided by your treatment center. Our willingness to stay open to support can make all the difference. When we’re feeling weak or afraid, when we feel our hope waning, when we’re feeling tempted to relapse, we can lean on these sources of support to help us through. When we are receptive to people’s help and guidance, we dramatically increase our chances of being able to stay sober.

Be Honest With Yourself

Along the lines of being open to support, we want to be open and honest with ourselves whenever we’re having difficulty, so that we can reach out for help when we need it. We often feel inclined to suppress our concerns and worries, to sweep them under the rug and pretend they’re not there. We’re afraid to admit we’re having difficulty with our recovery programs. We’re afraid to admit how hard sobriety can be, and we see it as a sign of weakness or defeat. We want to think things will be easy for us after we get sober, but the truth is, that isn’t always the case. We lie to ourselves about how we’re feeling, how lost and alone we can feel in recovery, how overwhelming and scary life can be without the drug of choice we were so dependent upon for so long. We hide behind denial. We avoid the truth of how difficult things are for us. Let’s instead commit to being as honest with ourselves as possible and take comfort in the fact that we’re not alone with these specific challenges. Let’s be honest about what we’re going through so that we can get the help we need to stay sober, rather than suffering in silence.

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