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What Are Common Dysfunctional Family Roles?

In a dysfunctional family, children get labels to define them. They’re boxed into a personality trait or an assigned responsibility. Some roles are deemed more desirable in the hierarchy. Nonetheless, the roles are all bad. Each person in a dysfunctional family unit is set up to fail. However, the particular manner of downfall depends onRead More

How EMDR Can Help Treat Trauma

Our mind has the miraculous ability to store countless thoughts, memories, and emotions all at once. It goes on performing this task all on its own without us having to check in. There are many things we can’t forget even if we wanted to. That’s part of life. We all make do with the memoriesRead More

Healing Through Transformational Breathwork

Panic can catch us unaware at any time. Anxiety can suddenly overwhelm us when we least expect it. We never know what will trigger stress in our lives. We can guess, but we can’t always be prepared. When those moments happen, how we handle that stress can determine the course of our day. According toRead More

Am I Teaching My Child to Hate Their Body?

Parenting can be a difficult task for even the healthiest individuals. When mentally ill, you constantly worry about passing on your disorders. Since kids are impressionable, your child absorbs any messaging like a sponge. If you speak kindly about yourself and others, they’ll learn to do this as well. Sadly, it works the opposite wayRead More

How Can I Create a Safety Plan for Severe Depression?

If you’re experiencing suicidal ideation, please call the National Crisis and Suicide hotline at 988 for help. When you experience severe symptoms of major depressive disorder (MDD), it’s important to have a safety plan in place. If you get into this mental state, then you might not be capable of thinking clearly. Your safety planRead More

Recovery Through Meditation

Addiction is a complex condition. Substance use disorder (SUD) may be caused by genetic makeup, exposure to trauma, mental health conditions, or distress. Addiction affects every aspect of a person’s life, and an integrated, whole-body approach to treatment is required. Addictions are complex and difficult to treat. The best addiction treatment programs take both physicalRead More

How Can Words Prevent Women From Receiving Mental Health Treatment?

Note: Though this article uses binary language throughout, the topic directly impacts ciswomen, transwomen, and trans people assigned female at birth (AFAB). We strive to recognize the intersectional nature of these issues. The mental health system historically abused women by forcibly institutionalizing them for behaving in societally undesirable ways. When women spoke up, the psychiatryRead More

Physical Dependence on Alcohol

Physical dependence on alcohol is common and can result in serious health issues, social problems, and lost opportunities. You might not be aware of it, but if you keep drinking to excess, sooner or later, you could become dependent on alcohol. Physical dependence takes place when the brain accepts the presence of alcohol in the bodyRead More

How Can I Be an Inspiration in Recovery?

After completing drug and alcohol addiction treatment, you may have reached the point where you want to help and watch others grow in their recovery. You may want to help others and set goals for yourself. Included in this is the freedom to expand your circle and give back to people what was given toRead More

Why Am I Scared of Getting Better?

You’re not alone if you fear getting better. Many people go into treatment afraid. It’s important that you understand the root of your fear and ways to combat it. Understanding Your Normal When you live for a prolonged period with a mental health disorder, you develop normalcy in your dysfunction. It feels familiar to goRead More