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What Places Should I Avoid in Early Recovery?

Early recovery can be a challenging time for some people. Treatment provides a sanctuary away from drugs and alcohol. However, being outside of treatment can present difficulties that weren’t present before. There are some places individuals should avoid when sobriety is still new and they are still in the beginning stages of growth and self-discovery.Read More

How to Build Healthy Relationships in Recovery

No matter where you are in your recovery journey, you have established at least one relationship. Building healthy relationships can be an exciting space to be in within your life, but you get to decide what healthy looks like. This is your game, and you get to make the rules. Relationships with others give yourRead More

What Does Spiritual Wellness Look Like When You’re Not Religious?

Many dimensions of wellness exist that you must care for if you intend to maintain a healthy life. These dimensions include emotional, physical, occupational, social, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, and financial. If you’re not religious, spiritual wellness might’ve stuck out to you as nonsensical. In reality, this wellness exists for everyone regardless of their religious beliefs.Read More

How Can I Cope With Drug Cravings?

Cravings are a normal part of recovery from drug abuse. According to the Partnership to End Addiction, addiction is a disease “that involves compulsive use of one or more substances despite serious health and social consequences.” The compulsive need to use drugs doesn’t just disappear overnight. As you journey through recovery, cravings for your drugRead More

How Does Perfectionism Harm You?

When you struggle with perfectionism, you may find yourself making poor decisions. Your mind may turn to rigidity or procrastination. You could also exhibit signs of mental illness. All of these problems should be addressed by a qualified mental health professional. Perfectionism and Mental Illnesses According to a large-scale 2017 meta-analysis published in the JournalRead More

How Do I Practice Thought Balancing?

When you cope with negative, irrational, anxiety-driven thoughts, your emotions and behaviors might change. You might react negatively to these thoughts. Also, you could fall into self-defeating behaviors like substance abuse or self-harm to appease the thoughts. The healthier action to take is responding. When you respond, you take time to think through your action.Read More

How Can SMART Goals Help My Recovery?

Substance use disorder (SUD) provides a lot of challenges. You may feel out of control before starting treatment. Additionally, you might feel resistant to attending detox or rehab. However, both of these can help you on the path to a healthier life. Similarly, SMART goals can prove an effective tool for long-term recovery. How toRead More

What Does Anabolic Steroid Withdrawal Look Like?

According to a study published in The American Journal on Addictions, approximately 32% of people who use anabolic steroids develop a dependency. Those dependencies can turn into addictions when an individual continues taking the drug despite negative consequences. This blog will discuss how anabolic steroid addiction forms and what withdrawal looks like. It will alsoRead More

What Are the Core Principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)?

Many therapy modalities exist to help a person make long-term changes in their life. They can treat various mental illnesses and addictions. Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is an effective type of therapy that combines mindfulness and cognitive therapy. ACT can occur individually or in a group therapy setting. This therapy can help multiple diagnoses,Read More

Why Do People With Anxiety Re-Watch TV Shows?

Among people with anxiety, it’s a common phenomenon to continually watch the same TV shows, podcasts, and movies. Though this is a well-known part of having anxiety, many people don’t know why it occurs. Someone with anxiety might describe it as comforting, familiar, or easy. In this blog, we’ll discuss the psychological reasons behind peopleRead More