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Is Trauma the Root of Addiction?

You are a product of all your experiences. Therefore, through your experiences, you form a perspective on how you think, react, and engage with all that you encounter in your life. Maybe you remember the pain you felt the first time you slid down a hot metal slide in the summer. From the experience, youRead More

Coping With Trauma Triggers Post-Treatment

While you were in treatment, you were most likely surrounded by encouraging people. If you were in inpatient care or sober living housing, everyone you lived with understood how you were feeling. This may have given you a sense of comfort. Now that your treatment is over, you may not be enjoying the same levelRead More

What Effective Relapse Prevention Looks Like

A relapse is not one single event that occurs within your recovery. Relapse tends to be a long-term process that starts with just one thought and eventually leads to action. Many red flags can occur in your thinking process that lead to a danger zone in recovery. These red flags or warning signs can resultRead More

Holding Yourself Accountable in Long-Term Recovery

You enjoyed the fun and excitement of early recovery. Now you feel like the honeymoon phase has ended. Sometimes you might find recovery boring and have no idea what to do next. This is where accountability comes into play. Success in long-term recovery is about being honest with yourself and others, being humble, and maintainingRead More

Making Sober Connections In Ocala

If you have completed your time in treatment, this is an accomplishment in and of itself. During your journey ahead, you will apply all that you have learned. Most likely, you have learned about the importance of sober connections. You may have explored how these connections are instrumental in your recovery. As you consider howRead More