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Preparing for Urges in the Moment

When recovering from addiction, there are many trials that one has to face. Even after going through detox and regularly attending rehabilitation group sessions, urges are not just something that one may experience but should expect. Having these urges does not mean that someone is failing in their recovery, but expecting them can help one prepare for their attack and know how to address it in turn.

They Will Pass

Knowing that urges will be inevitable means that someone can prepare for them by educating themselves and setting in place several techniques to help them combat the urges. Most importantly, understand that urges operate more like a sprint than a marathon. Urges can set on with an overwhelming impact on a person, but they are often quick and intense rather than drawn out over a long time. Overcoming these urges is not a question of continually battling them without rest, but being able to cope and ground yourself in the moment. Be prepared for a difficult time, but know that the time will pass, and after each successful passing of an urge, they become hallmarks of success.

Keep Active

The urges may be short-term, but they can still be challenging to overcome. One of the most impactful things that one can do is merely distracting themselves. Keeping active during these times can keep the body and mind distracted long enough for the urge to pass. Going for a run or out to play some basketball or other sports is a great way not only to keep one distracted but also to improve health in line with recovery.

Take Your Time

When that isn’t possible, simply take a breath, and vocalize the presence of the urge. While simple, breathing can help you take a much-needed second of clarity during the hectic, fast-paced nature of addictive urges. Vocalizing their presence can serve as a way to detach yourself from the urge, placing the feelings outside of the body rather than having to deal with it as an internal conflict.

No part of overcoming addiction and co-occurring disorders is easy. A proper support system is needed for anyone to improve the chances of a continued life of sobriety. For you or a loved one who is suffering from addiction, help is available. The Guest House specializes in addiction recovery and trauma services. It can cater a program to meet the needs and goals of each person. To contact The Guest House for more information on their programs and services available, call 1-855-483-7800 today.