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Do I Ever Get A Vacation From Recovery?

Summer is for traveling. All over the world, people are taking off on trips they have been planning for months or spontaneous summer adventures. During the summer months, people have time off of work, school, and the window of opportunity to be liberated from everyday responsibilities. Travel and vacation are sacred times in a persons’Read More

When It Happens: A Trauma Breakdown

Trauma can be described as a disorder of the nervous system. Hyperactivating the sympathetic nervous system, trauma constantly creates strong reactions to triggers of anxiety and fear, which manifests differently for each individual person. What is trauma to one person may not be trauma to the next. Likewise, what triggers PTSD and symptoms of traumaRead More

How Do I Get Better Sleep With Ptsd

When your mind is running, your body is activated, and your trauma feels like it is living in your dreams, getting a good night sleep is critical. Here are three ways to get better sleep when you are living with PTSD. De-Stimulate, De-Stress Volumes of research have proven that interacting with digital devices stimulates theRead More

Childhood Trauma Isn’t A Bad Omen

Childhood trauma has been an exceptionally popular topic in the last few years as more research reveals the severe effects childhood trauma can have on physical as well as mental health. A large study on ACEs, adverse childhood experience, found that children who experience trauma in their lifetimes are more likely to develop mental healthRead More

Can I Control Ptsd Dreams?

Unfortunately, there is no controlling your PTSD in your sleep. Nightmares are one of the many ways trauma manifests, making it part of the process, even years into trauma recovery. Most often, trauma nightmares return when trauma is triggered. Rather than let a night of restless sleep upheave your life, you can take the informationRead More

Symptoms Of Postpartum Ptsd

In a recent blog, we discussed the reality of PTSD in childbirth and how many women might experience postpartum PTSD, a lesser discussed form of PTSD. If you believe you or another woman in your life may be living with postpartum PTSD, look for these three key symptoms below. Reliving Trauma Women are joked aboutRead More

Could Autoimmune Disease And Ptsd Be Connected?

Stress and PTSD go hand in hand. Post-traumatic stress disorder functions within the body and mind by creating dysfunction in the body and mind, specifically the nervous system. PTSD can be called a disorder of the nervous system due to the way it causes deregulation in the production of stress hormones. Overtime the stress ofRead More

Postpartum Ptsd: A Different Kind Of Issue For Women

You’ve just given birth to the child you’ve been carrying for nine months. For nine months you have watched the fetus grow. For nine months you have done everything possible to protect that fetus and ensure that when it is born, it is born a happy, healthy baby. For nine months you have cooed toRead More

Does Childhood Trauma Weaken Your Immune System?

Epigenetic changes are changes which take place in a gene’s functioning. Early exposure to significant amounts of trauma in childhood has been linked to epigenetic changes. For example, Popular Science explains that “The changes in those genes, noted in both human and rodent studies, cause cortisol levels to stay elevated for longer during stressful events,Read More

Cancer Patients With Ptsd May Experience Worse Symptoms

Post-traumatic stress disorder is no longer seen as a phenomenon or a mysterious ailment which develops among people who have witnessed traumatic events in their lifetime. Research is now being dedicated to understanding the effects of PTSD in many areas of life for both physical health and mental health. Recent research found a connection betweenRead More