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How Can I Find My Life’s Purpose?

Finding your purpose in life is probably one of life’s most remarkable puzzles. “How can I find my life’s purpose?” is one of the questions people have asked throughout human history. For thousands of years, experts have studied how meaningful and long-term goals evolve throughout a person’s life. The goals that give a person aRead More

How Can I Be More Confident With My Diagnosis?

Being confident about your diagnosis has more to do with your self-esteem than it has to do with the actual diagnosis. Let us explain; self-esteem is the degree to which you feel valuable, confident, and worthy of respect. Self-esteem exists on a continuum from high to low. Where your self-esteem falls on this continuum canRead More

Can Traveling Help My Mental Health?

Traveling is an activity many people worldwide enjoy. From exploring new places to visiting your favorite national park every year, traveling is fun. However, traveling isn’t just a fun activity; it can also help your mental health. Travel is a great way to maintain mental well-being and, by extension, it contributes to a happier andRead More

Do I Have an Addiction?

Addiction is defined as a chronic disease that affects the brain’s reward, motivation, and memory functions. While this definition may seem straightforward, recognizing a problem with addiction in yourself can be challenging. What started as normal, infrequent substance use can quickly cross the line into addiction. So, how do you know if you have anRead More

What Is Equine Therapy?

Animals have immense healing power. Beyond the pet-owner relationship, animals are often used in therapeutic settings to help individuals navigate challenging experiences. Equine therapy is a treatment method that uses the connection between people and horses to promote physical and emotional healing. During equine therapy, individuals engage in activities such as grooming, feeding, and leadingRead More

How Can Painting Help My Anxiety?

When symptoms of anxiety arise, it can feel challenging to find coping strategies at times. One approach that helps many people find relief from anxiety symptoms is art therapy, more specifically, painting. While many people think activities like painting are supposed to create aesthetically pleasing results, this is not always the case. Painting to relieveRead More

Understanding Your Depression

If you are struggling with depression, learning more about your mental health diagnosis and what you are experiencing is a significant part of managing your disorder. Depression can impact every area of your life if it is not understood and worked through. How you are experiencing depression may be different than what your friend isRead More

How Do I Enforce Boundaries?

Having boundaries is a significant part of having healthy relationships, particularly when you are in recovery from substance abuse or are facing mental health issues. Boundaries are how you ensure that you are comfortable and others are not engaging in behaviors that harm you, your mental health or put your sobriety at risk. Once youRead More

4 Tips on Changing Therapists

Many people hold the major misconception that once you start working with a therapist, you have to stay working with them throughout your recovery. That is simply not true. It is not uncommon to begin working with a therapist and then realize that you would benefit from a different style of therapy. Do not beRead More

How to Build a Relationship With Your Therapist

The therapeutic relationship between the therapist and client is very important. Without a safe and comfortable relationship between therapist and client, the entire process can be strained and uncomfortable. Try to remember that trust takes time. Work on building a relationship with your therapist every time you meet. Here are a few simple suggestions toRead More