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What Is “Happiness,” How Does Being Happy Benefit Us?

Happiness has many definitions, but the general description is feelings of contentment, joy, fulfillment, positive emotions, and satisfaction with your life. Happiness is not the same for everyone, and happiness comes easier to some people than others. Psychologists do not use the word “happy”; they use the title of “subjective well-being” when referring to happyRead More

How Can I Commit to Improving My Mental Health?

Improving your mental health is a process that requires patience and perseverance. It means committing to practices that help develop your inner peace and well-being. While this process can take time, that does not mean that it has to be grueling. In fact, this process means you must find practices and methods that resonate withRead More

Being resilient and optimistic is a great goal

Trauma can cause suffering and long-lasting effects; however, trauma can also cause people to create positive change. Studies have shown that more than 50% of people who experienced trauma had a huge spiritual and emotional growth, which was powerful and changed their life. Their traumatic experiences caused them to find a positive path they mightRead More

How Do I Know if Someone Is Being Abused?

When someone is in an abusive relationship — either romantic or not — they may not realize that they are being abused. Other times the person being abused may not feel as if it is safe for them to leave the relationship. Being aware of the signs that someone is being abused can help individualsRead More

What Are the Health Benefits From Hugs?

In theory, getting or receiving a hug may not seem like a big deal. Perhaps you do not receive hugs very often, so you do not think much of them. However, when you consider the way hugs can impact your mental health, you may reconsider how you perceive consensual hugs. The act of hugging canRead More

How Can I Live a Simple Life?

Learning to live a simple life in recovery can mean something different for everyone. To live a simple life on your own terms, you need to find unique, personalized ways to simplify. While this may be a learning curve for you, it does not mean it is impossible. You can take steps to begin learningRead More

Empathy and Compassion in Recovery, Being “In Service” to Others

There is no doubt that several programs, particularly 12-step programs, push service to others as part of a recovery plan. Yet, does having empathy, compassion, and being in service help you recover and heal? Empathy can be a double-edged sword; perhaps you have developed a substance use disorder (SUD) or trauma because you are sensitiveRead More

A Leopard Doesn’t Change His Spots: Do People Change?

A Chinese proverb says, “All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.” Today’s choices impact tomorrow’s experiences. If you expect to have a different experience tomorrow, you need to change, and you must believe that change is possible. One of the most terrifying aspects of life is recognizing that everythingRead More

Is Telling the Truth Important in Substance Addiction Treatment?

Telling the truth can be a difficult habit to form while recovering from substance abuse. While using substances, you may have gotten into the habit of telling lies to those around you to continue using. You should not feel guilty for your past behaviors, but it is critical to acknowledge that telling the truth isRead More