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What Are 5 Ways to Beat Boredom?

Being able to find healthy, reliable ways to beat boredom is extremely important when it comes to your recovery. If you find yourself with too much time on your hands, this makes it all the more tempting to engage in substance use. Below are five ways you can try to beat boredom. #1. Get ActiveRead More

“Art Therapy” How Does It Help? Why Does It Help?

Sometimes emotions can be very difficult to process and cause anxiety. Art therapy is an approach to recovery that allows one’s needs to be met through creative activity. People find art therapy to be relaxing while dealing with complex issues in their treatment. Learning a new creative activity is also a life skill that canRead More

Replacing One Addiction With a Different One

If you struggle with substance abuse, you may leave treatment thinking that since you have conquered your addiction to a particular substance or behavior, you are safe to imbibe in a different substance or behavior. The problem is not in the substances or behaviors alone but in the brain’s pleasure center. It is the effectRead More

What Does “Holistic” Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Recovery Look Like?

The word “holistic” is an umbrella term that includes all modalities of treatment that are available for use, both complementary (alternative) and traditional (conventional). Using both can improve the chance for greater success in recovery because this approach focuses on both the mind/emotions and the body, with the goal of completely healing all parts ofRead More

What Is Social Wellness Month?

July is Social Wellness Month, a time to celebrate our connections to others. Social Wellness Month was started by a counseling group to recognize the importance of maintaining and creating social bonds with each other. If you are in treatment for substance use disorder (SUD) or a mental health issue, your focus is understandably onRead More

Alcohol Is Everywhere: How to Manage Lasting Recovery

It seems that no matter where you go in the world, alcohol is present. When overcoming addiction to alcohol or other substances, the presence of alcohol in social situations can be triggering. How can you cope with this ever-present reminder of your fallibility and still stay focused on recovery? The key to maintaining recovery inRead More

What Is the Benefit of “Gratitude” and How Does Someone Find Gratitude?

The word gratitude means to be grateful. It also means appreciating things in your life, being thankful, and recognizing all the positive things. Where and if you find gratitude depends on what your thinking habits are. How Does Gratitude Improve Health and Wellbeing? Gratitude creates happiness Remembering to be mindfully grateful improves your well-being byRead More

How Can I Celebrate World Watercolor Month?

Creating artwork is extremely beneficial for your mental health. This month, which is World Watercolor Month, is the perfect time to begin discovering these benefits for yourself. How Does Art Help? Engaging in art helps soothe your body and mind by keeping you present and in the moment. When your mind is focused on anRead More

What Are the Benefits of “Group Therapy” and How Does It Differ From “Individual Therapy”?

Individual therapy means one individual is privately treated by a mental health professional. Group therapy is multiple individuals interacting with each other and at least one mental health professional. What Are the Benefits of Individual Therapy in Substance Use Disorder? In individual therapy, individuals can find the root of their substance abuse disorder (SUD) InRead More