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Different Forms of Dissociation You Need To Be Aware Of

Dissociative identity disorder is a specific type of dissociation unique to that disorder. People who are not diagnosably DID can still experience forms of dissociation. Dissociation can happen as a passing experience or a constant experience, which can be extremely uncomfortable and in some cases, dangerous. Dissociation is a departure from the self, identity ofRead More

Fall For Fall Foods

Autumn and the fall are changes in seasons as the earth and it’s people begin to cozy in for the winter. Before the biting cold of the winter settles in, fall offers the perfect balance of comfort and chilly weather. As if the earth knows that warm, hearty meals are needed to compensate for theRead More

Do Natural Disasters Create Long Term Trauma?

The world that we live in is fragile in many ways. Not all of our buildings are sound structures. Not all of our infrastructure is effective and efficient. When natural disaster strikes, that is, when the power of the natural earth overcomes the power of the man made world, reality is shaken. Houses tremble fromRead More

How Does Music Therapy Help Heal Trauma?

How is music defined? Like trying to define art, there is no saying what is music or what is noise, so to speak. Anything can be an instrument which produces sound. According to the dictionary definition of music, that is precisely what music is: “vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a wayRead More

Behavioral Symptoms of Ptsd

Coping with trauma often means developing behavioral symptoms as a form of coping. Behaviors change in an effort ot protect the body and the mind from the pressure of what ives in the traumatic experience. Bearing the weight of an unresolved past can be exhausting and end up causing other problems. Substance Abuse Mental healthRead More

Is Talking The Best Post-trauma Intervention?

Talk therapy can be applied following a traumatic event through different disciplines. Called “debriefings”, these therapy approaches generally include a thorough dialogue to check in, get details, and touch base with the emotions of those who have personally witnessed the trauma. The World Health Organization explains that “Psychological debriefing should not be used for peopleRead More

Why Turning To Treatment For Trauma Can Turn Your Life Back Around

The human brain is a fragile muscle. Swishing around in liquid, made of soft tissue, the brain is easily affected both physically and psychologically. Sometimes, physical damage can cause psychological damage. Traumatic brain injury causes the precious brain to essential slam up against the wall of the skull. Like any other part of the bodyRead More

How Trauma Influences Addiction

There are as many types of traumatic events as there are people who experience them. Trauma can be physical, emotional or psychological. Trauma can arise from: a terrible accident, violence, neglect, rape, grief, assault, witness to a trauma, physical abuse, war, bullying, a serious illness, crime, and catastrophic acts of nature like tornadoes, floods, hurricanes.Read More

Using Animal Therapy For Treating Ptsd

PTSD stems from unprocessed or stuck traumatic experiences. No one treatment works for everyone. Those with PTSD may experience anything from fear, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, hypervigilance, flashbacks and insomnia. In addition to seeking professional help, you can look into the benefits of animal therapy. Animals used in therapy are horses, dogs, cats, birds andRead More