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How Do I Learn to Stop Keeping Secrets?

Secrets can negatively impact our mental health and overall well-being. We all keep secrets for different reasons. Some of those reasons may not be bad, while others may be harmful. There tend to be many emotions and motivations lying just underneath the secrets that we choose to keep. If you have come to the pointRead More

5 Tips for Combating Unhelpful Behaviors

At times, we all exhibit behaviors that are unhelpful and unproductive. However, these behaviors can stifle growth, impact relationships, and affect our mental health. Learning to acknowledge which of our behaviors are unproductive versus productive is powerful for our personal growth. The following five tips can help combat those behaviors which do not benefit yourRead More

How Can I Stop Feeling So Overwhelmed?

We live in a society that glorifies being busy. Many people brag about the number of hours worked in a given week, how many projects they accomplished, or the numerous places they went. Unless on a tropical vacation, most people do not brag about a relaxing day where nothing got accomplished, and that is preciselyRead More

3 Tools to Get Through Divorce Grief

Divorce is hard. If you are already struggling with addiction, trauma, or your mental health, the addition of a divorce can feel overwhelming and incredibly stressful. It can feel as if you are unable to control situations or your emotions. Emotional events can cause strong mental reactions in anyone. However, learning to acknowledge your feelingsRead More

How Can I Feel Less Judged? 

We have all felt judged at some point in our lives. Even as an adult, it can hurt to feel as if others are judging different aspects of us. Whether it be our looks, clothing, or actions, it can be painful to be judged. Remembering that you can only control your actions may help youRead More

How to Combat Supporter Burnout

If you have a loved one struggling with addiction or mental health struggles, you may notice that it can affect you as well, both mentally and physically.  When we see someone we care about struggling, our instinct is to help and support them. We naturally want to take away their pain, do the work forRead More

Can Gambling Turn Into an Addiction?

Gambling is an activity that many people all around the world enjoy. It can be a social activity that can be done with friends and family. With so many different forms of gambling available in so many different locations, it is no wonder that it is an accessible form of entertainment for many. However, justRead More

Affirmations to Start Your Week

Affirmations can help get your mindset in a positive place as you begin a new week. We all face unique challenges every single day. Whether you are working through trauma, addiction, or bettering your mental health, affirmations can be a positive addition to your morning routine. Here are a few affirmations that can help youRead More

How Can I Support My Stressed-Out Friend?

Having a loved one experience any sort of mental health struggle can be challenging. We want to support them in any way possible. We want to take away their discomfort and worry. While we cannot work through their mental health struggles for them, there are ways to be there for our loved ones. Here areRead More

4 Ways to Help Your Therapist Help You

Taking that step to reach out for help is enormous. It can feel overwhelming to think about opening up to a stranger; however, getting therapy to help you work through your struggles is a brave thing to do. The therapeutic relationship is extremely important, and being able to work with your therapist is necessary soRead More