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How Can Teachers Be More Compassionate?

A very small population of ‘troublemakers’ were actually born to make trouble. Few children really develop the mood, personality, or psychiatric disorders which place their behaviors completely out of correlation with their environment, life experiences, or upbringing. Children are a product of nature and nurture. Children act mostly on what they learn at home andRead More

Elemental Grounding Techniques For Trauma Recovery

Earth. Air. Water. Though playing with fire isn’t exactly recommended as a coping technique, heat can be extremely healing. Grounding and earthing are closely related practices. Getting in touch with the elements returns us to our humanity. The prefix hum means of the earth. Feeling a disconnect between our mind and our body can causeRead More

What Are the Risks of Disenfranchised Grief?

Some people experience grief that may be interrupted or not fully experienced. Factors that influence grief are complex but they may include having to return to work right away, dealing with mental health issues, and coping with unresolved feelings that lead to negative behaviors like addiction and substance use disorder. Disenfranchised grief can lead orRead More

Self-care Tips For Trauma And Travel

Living with trauma doesn’t mean having to live a life of isolation. Living in recovery means living in a wide open world. Everywhere you go, there you are. There is your trauma experience and there is your recovery. Here are two suggestions for self-care when experiencing trauma triggers while traveling. Bring A Self-Care Kit WhereverRead More

How Does a Loved One Need the Most Help After Rehab? 

  Helping a loved one following rehab means finding support and encouragement while they recover. Setting boundaries means not letting people walk all over you but also means finding the most supportive way to help them thrive. A loved one needs help after rehab, not enabling. The best way to help them is to dealRead More

Crisis: How To Handle Overwhelming Trauma When Triggered

Recovery from trauma is not a promise that you will never experience trauma again or that you will never be triggered. What treatment for trauma can provide you is the guarantee that you will have the tools needed to cope with trauma and triggers when they arise. You can, and you will, heal. Become awareRead More

Ptsd And The Need To Be Perfect

If I could just be better, you might think, I could make this situation better. The daughter of an alcoholic father might believe that if she could just do everything as perfectly as possible, she won’t make her father angry. If she doesn’t make her father angry, he won’t act in abusive ways toward her.Read More

You Don’t Have To Stay With Your Abuser

In one of our recent blog posts, we discussed the truth about a common misconception among those who have experienced abuse in their lives. Abuse is never the fault of someone being abused. Abuse is never justified. Abuse is never deserved. Abuse is a choice on the part of the abuser. Staying in a relationshipRead More

Why Am I So Hard On Myself?

You do enough. You are enough. Enough is enough! This is a sentiment shared and celebrated by therapists the world over. Self-worth is how you define it. You are in control of making yourself feel worthy of living without your own criticism. Living in that belief is easier said than done. Where Does Self-Criticism ComeRead More