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Why Don’t We Believe We Can Recover? 

Some of the greatest blocks to our recovery are the persistent belief systems we have around our ability to recover, our worthiness, and whether or not we deserve to be happy. Why don’t we believe we can recover? Where did our limiting beliefs come from? How did we become conditioned to be self-sabotaging and toRead More

Why Do We Avoid Getting Professional Help?

When we’re struggling with addiction and mental illness but are afraid to begin the recovery process, it is often because we’re avoiding professional help. We’re avoiding finding a therapist or going to rehab. We have some deeply rooted fears around both recovery and professional support that are keeping us from taking these important steps toRead More

The Benefits of Solitude and Separation

Sometimes as we’re undertaking our recovery process, we can feel totally overwhelmed by our relationships and the many issues related to them. Our family members, friends, and partners are often immersed in our struggles with our addiction because they care about us, have been supporting us and want to be there for us. Similarly, we’reRead More

How Positive Thinking Can Help Us in Our Recovery

Those of us who have been working hard at our recovery, and those of us who are just starting out, can find ourselves feeling defeated and disheartened, at our lack of progress, at our repeat relapses, at the sheer level of overwhelm and deep depression we’re feeling all the time. We often let these veryRead More

Can We Use Affirmations to Help Ourselves Quit?

Our Subconscious Minds: the Operating Systems of Our Lives The more we learn about our addictions, the more we discover the power of our subconscious minds to direct how we function in life and what kinds of patterns we create. Because they store our emotional information, our subconscious minds are like the operating systems ofRead More

Triggering Work Environments

Many of us struggling with addiction have jobs and work environments that are triggering for us. We might be alcoholics working in restaurants and bars. We might work in law firms where cocaine use can run rampant. We might work in retail or in the hospitality industry where many people smoke weed on their breaks.Read More

How Can We Use Our Relapses to Help Us Grow? 

Moving Beyond the Pain When we’ve relapsed, many of us tend to focus on the negatives – the embarrassment, shame, and disappointment we feel, how defeated we feel in our recovery, how lost, alone and empty we feel. We’ve had high expectations for ourselves, and we feel as though we’ve let ourselves down. We’re afraidRead More

How Does Our Subconscious Programming Impact Our Ability to Quit?

As we learn more about the different reasons why it’s so hard to quit our addictions, namely the physical, mental and emotional dependences we have formed on our drugs of choice, there is another equally important factor we want to be sure to look at. The subconscious programming we’ve been practicing, believing and perpetuating forRead More

How Education Can Help Us in Recovery

One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves in life and in recovery is the opportunity to learn more, about ourselves and the unique talents we have, about our addictions and mental health issues, about the world around us. The gift of education can help us to expand ourselves and augment our growth. ItRead More

Why Do We Have Such a Hard Time Quitting?

For those of us struggling with addiction, one of our greatest challenges lies in just how hard it can be for us to quit. We might be dealing with non-addicts in our lives who don’t understand why we can’t kick our habit. They might assume we’re making the conscious choice to hurt ourselves, not realizingRead More