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Can Brainspotting Be Used to Treat Trauma?Developed in 2003 by David Grand, brainspotting begins with the therapist identifying a client’s brainspot. A brainspot is a spot in the client’s visual field that, when focusing the eye in this area, causes the client to experience the negative feelings associated with a traumatic event. To find the brainspot, the therapist waves a pen-shaped object in a specific pattern in front of the client’s eyes.

Once the client’s eyes are focused on the brainspot position, they will have a reflexive response occurring outside of the client’s conscious awareness. Examples of reflexive responses can be eye twitches, swallowing, yawning, coughing, or shifting of the body.

Most commonly, the unconscious response will be in the form of facial expressions. The therapist looks for these responses while following the client’s eye movements. Once a client displays some type of reflexive response, the therapist records the position of the client’s eyes at that moment (or which direction the client’s eyes were fixed).

Once a brainspot is found, the therapist will hold this eye position as the client focuses on and discusses the traumatic experience. Brainspotting, similar to eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), allows the client to experience negative emotions in a safe environment with the guidance of a therapist.

Brainspotting incorporates the mind-body connection to help a client heal from their trauma. When utilized along with other therapeutic approaches, Brainspotting can be an effective treatment for those dealing with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) or other trauma-related disorders, such as anxiety and depression.

Brainspotting, and other similar techniques, such as EMDR, have been among the newest and most innovative treatments of trauma. Also, brainspotting has been shown to alleviate other psychiatric symptoms associated with trauma, like depression and anxiety. Have you tried more traditional forms of therapy to treat your PTSD or trauma? Are you looking for something new and innovative to accelerate your recovery? Call The Guest House at (855) 483-7800 for more information on brainspotting and any of the other therapeutic approaches that are offered by our trained staff! We offer both short-term stays and outpatient services to best meet the needs of those in recovery from traumatic experiences and other mental health disorders! At The Guest House, we help you or someone you care about to find an individualized treatment approach within a supportive and healthy environment! Call our experienced staff at The Guest House today!