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Is Watching Triggering TV Shows Safe?

Many television shows push every boundary possible. That is what can make television good and entertaining to watch. However, when you are struggling with addiction or mental health issues, some television shows can be triggers for our issues.  Shows can make us uncomfortable, place dangerous ideas in our minds, or transport us back to timesRead More

Eating Mindfully

When you hear the words “mindful eating,” it simply means that you are being mindful as to what you are eating. You are paying attention to what you eat, when you eat, and how you are feeling as you eat. If you simply grab some food and eat without thinking, that is not mindful eating.Read More

Are There Warning Signs of Dependence?

The dependence phase of addiction is when we have started to abuse a substance and are beginning to become mentally, emotionally, and physically addicted to it. This phase can be extremely hard to detect both in ourselves and in others. Oftentimes we are not aware when our use of a substance has turned into anRead More

Working Through Grief

Grief refers to an emotional reaction to any sort of loss. Someone may grieve over the death of a person, while another may grieve over the loss of a job or a friendship. Grief has the ability to be a pretty complicated emotion. It could be the loss of one thing or a combination ofRead More

What Is Psychological Shock?

Psychological shock is described as having a physical reaction to a traumatic event. Everyone experiences traumatic events differently. So some people may experience psychological shock after witnessing something frightening, like a serious car accident, while others may experience psychological shock after something like a breakup. By recognizing when you are going into psychological shock, youRead More

Benefits of Meditation

When we suffer from mental health issues or addictions we tend to find our lives a bit chaotic. We may find ourselves always on the go physically and mentally exhausted. We may also find ourselves quick to react, emotionally unstable, or possibly numb. When we live in chaos it can make getting the help weRead More

Do I Have the Right Support System?

Surrounding yourself with the right group of people is very important as you begin to consider whether treatment may be right for you. Who we choose to spend our time with has a large impact on our thoughts and our actions. If we choose to spend our time with those committing risky behaviors it mayRead More

What Is a Co-Occurring Disorder?

The term co-occurring disorder is used when a person is suffering from both an addiction and a mental health issue. It is extremely common to have a co-occurring disorder. It is widely accepted that it is best to treat both the addiction and the mental health issue at the same time. For many individuals treatmentRead More

The Concept of Holism

Whether you are seeking help for a mental health issue or an addiction, you may find your therapist using holism. This approach tends to be very beneficial for a wide array of clients. Holism can teach us new skills and how to better understand ourselves and our emotions. Read on to learn the basics ofRead More

Should I Be More Compassionate?

Learning to be compassionate is a large part of going through your recovery journey. Like everything in life, learning to be compassionate takes time and practice. Changing the way we think and feel can be a big task. Here is some basic information to help you get started on your journey to becoming more compassionate. Read More